Goose Repellent keep geese away

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Geese are aggressive, stubborn and can destroy your property causing economic losses. It's common in an area inhabited by geese that the flock grows rapidly creating nuisance by their honks and Geese leave their droppings along lawns, parks, turfs, fountains in such a volume as to render green space unusable by individual property owners. They love freshly mown grass and crystal clear lakes at golf courses parks homes and other landscapes.

Geese Repellent

Rejex it Migrate Goose Repellent 1 Gallon
Rejex-it Migrate has been formulated from Food Grade Ingredients.

This Goose repellent may be used to repel Canada geese from golf courses and other turf areas. The good repellent must be applied using appropriate spray equipment, such as pump sprayers or a backpack sprayers. Do not apply when grass is wet or rain is expected.
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