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Mosquito Foggers Misters and ULV applicators for insect control

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A mosquito fogger is used to manage the menace of insects in backyards, gardens, lawns, patios and other outdoors and indoors areas. These special devices cover larger area than an ordinary insect sprayer.

Mosquito foggers works by spraying insecticide in air by means of fine droplets. They are used to spray where and when mosquitoes occur like early evenings. The effect of insecticide from foggers is effective for few hours and must be reapplied.

Mosquito Foggers with insecticide are proven to be very effective against west Nile and do not increase body pesticide levels. Truck-mounted mosquito foggers were used during the height of last year's West Nile virus season that made more than 4,100 people ill and killed 277 (2006) in the United States.

Find more about West Nile Virus Here.

The doses that are sprayed for mosquito control using mosquito foggers should calibrated to be just enough to kill mosquitoes.

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Simple and convenient to use.
One hand on and off controls with locking off position to prevent accidental discharge.
The self-igniting starter switch provides a positive ignition. No matches needs. The ignitor makes it easy to take anywhere.
Produces microscopic fog particles that drift through even dense foliage making application coverage more precise. Fog dispenses quickly, leaving no residue.
Capable of clearing wide areas of annoying insects. Can give effective releif from mosquitos, flies, gnats and moths for hours.
Come with 1 quart of concentrated insecticide.
Propane conister sold separately.
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Hudson Atomizer ULV Cold Mister for mosquito control

Hudson Atomizer ULV Cold Mister
Here's a terrific answer to controlling dangerous mosquitoes, other flying insects and plant disease.Uses any kind of sprayable material including wettable powders. Applies micron (22-46 microns) mist that lingers in air to kill flying insects. Easily penetrates bushes and leaves of trees because of small droplet size. Simply a great Ultra Low Volume cold mister for applying any type of liquid.
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