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Get rid of birds silently. This low-profile electronic bird repellent device uses silent-to-humans, ultrasonic sound waves to repel annoying birds from small areas around the home.

The Balcony Gard helps protect your patio, deck, and balcony from pest bird infestation.  This simple-to-install ultrasonic bird deterrent is motion-activated and mounts nearly anywhere!

-Ultrasonic bird deterrent – emits silent-to-human frequencies that deter birds

-Motion-activated – built-in motion sensor activates when birds move into 900 sq. ft. coverage area

-Continuous protection – repels birds with 24/7 easy-to-use volume control

-Fully programmable – uses state-of-the-art technology to create powerful high and low frequency ultrasonic waves

-Weather-resistant – casing is designed to withstand outdoor use (rain cover included)

Dual power modes – AC or batteries

6 month manufacturer's warranty against material defects

Size & Fit Guide

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